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Many people are bound by the chains of addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Paterson can help break those chains. The staff here at our addiction treatment center understands that temptation is all around us. Once someone begins heavily abusing drugs or alcohol, they make major lifestyle changes to adapt to this new habit. They form a different group of friends, adopt a different routine and change the way they spend their finances. It can be nearly impossible for someone to overcome substance abuse without addiction treatment.

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Addiction treatment rehabilitation teaches patients not only how to get sober, but how to make the necessary lifestyle changes it takes to maintain sobriety long after release. The staff here at our inpatient addiction treatment clinic offers patients a unique, multifaceted approach back into a sober lifestyle. Let us help you make the change you so desperately need and get back on track. Your life is waiting.

Inpatient Care Plan

Our initial priority is your immediate physical and mental health state. Because the effects of withdrawing from alcohol and drugs can be deadly, we want to ensure that your health is not at risk. It’s important to establish a care plan that allows you to go through the detoxification process safely.

We will check for the following:

• Irregular or slow heartbeat
• Body temperature fluctuations
• Seizure activity
• Delirium Tremens
• Hallucinations

Getting help for your drug or alcohol addiction will allow you to improve your health and regain your sober lifestyle, but you cannot begin this process until the symptoms of withdrawal are managed.

Emotional Support

Part of the entire recovery process means gaining access to peer support. Outpatient group meetings involve an open discussion forum. Surrounding yourself with those in recovery can bring a positive influence to your life. Meetings are directed and spearheaded by a trained counselor or psychologist. This teaches you new ways to cope and gain valuable knowledge about what to expect from addiction treatment.

Follow Up Care

We understand the importance of follow-up care while you are on the path to recovery. Let us help you get back on track and stay there. Connecting with our team who cares about your well-being will help improve your chances of long-term success. Contact Drug Treatment Centers Paterson today at (973) 915-3139.

Most Major Insurances Accepted

We make the insurance verification process easy so you can begin the journey to recovery quickly and safe. 100% Confidential