Alcohol and Drug Detox

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A drug detox can be intimidating for most addicts. There are potentially dangerous symptoms of withdrawal that cause many to avoid the drug detox process for as long as possible. Little do they realize that these symptoms greatly worsen as the addiction persists. The time to get help is now. This disease can be fatal, and refusing treatment could end your life or the life of someone you hold dear. Drug detox is one of the first steps of recovery; begin your journey to sobriety in the best way possible. Call us and let us guide you in your quest for health and happiness.

If you or a loved one is suspected of having a substance abuse problem, Drug Treatment Centers Paterson offers drug detox programs that can ease this process.  Call (973) 915-3139 to get recovery help now.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab

The idea of going through detox from alcohol can be unsettling. Millions of people around the world suffer from alcohol and drug abuse, and many of those people do not know where to turn. Those who willingly seek help and admit that they have a problem are more likely to recover. We offer a way for clients to rid themselves of drugs and alcohol in a safe way that makes them want to help themselves.

Those who detox from alcohol are more likely to safely and comfortably go through the process with a team of medical professionals standing beside them. Doctors can prescribe medications that lessen the symptoms of withdrawal and make patients feel more comfortable until they pass. Depending on the substance, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several full days before the individual notices a decrease in symptoms. Some patients even experience a few minor symptoms for up to a week after going through the detox process.

What are the Signs of Withdrawal?

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers offer alcohol and drug detox programs because these treatment facilities understand that patients will most likely face unpleasant detoxification symptoms. Those who do not want to expose their families and friends to those symptoms can spend a weekend or a few days in a treatment facility.

Some signs of withdrawal include:

  • Change in eyes: pupils can either appear much larger or much smaller.
  • Changes in thoughts: clients often experience racing thoughts that they cannot control and notice that they think and feel differently around their loved ones.
  • Changes in sleep patterns: Some clients experience insomnia and have difficulty sleeping at night, while others find themselves sleeping longer than they did before.
  • Stomach pains: in addition to feeling cramping in the stomach, many clients also suffer from diarrhea, constipation, nausea or vomiting.
  • Mood swings: a large number of clients also experience mood swings when detoxing from drugs or alcohol. They feel happy and upbeat and later sad and depressed.
  • Agitated thoughts and actions, racing heart and an inability to control their thoughts and actions.

Many people dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol want to stop using those substances but physically and mentally cannot do it on their own. The detox treatment center at Drug Treatment Centers Paterson can help anyone willing to admit that he or she has a problem and seek change. When you find that you can no longer fight the disease alone call (973) 915-3139 to get the help that you need. Let us help you lead the healthy life you deserve.

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