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Addiction does far more than destroy the life of an individual; substance abuse can be a family addiction. It affects everyone who the addict holds close. Living with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol can be incredibly exhausting, but many do not know which direction to turn to get their loved one the help they so desperately need.

There is a very fine line between helping, and enabling an addict. The staff here understands that this is a struggle frequently experienced by loved ones. Therefore, we provide family addiction counseling to help ease this pain. Family addiction counseling is of utmost importance because it allows family members to step back and evaluate the individual roles they play in the addict’s life. By evaluating these roles they are able to make the changes to help create a positive impact, and change the behavior that was once harmful and negative.

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Why Involve Your Family and Loved Ones?

Your family and friends are the people who care about you more than anyone else in the world. If your loved ones agree to attend family programs, they can help you meet the emotional challenges ahead. As the loved one of a substance abuser, you can attend those sessions and show that person that you care and will be there for support in the future.

Did You Burn Bridges?

Did you burn bridges in your work or personal life as a result of your drug addiction or alcoholism? Some of our clients need to find a new job because of the decisions they made while under the influence, while other clients cannot go back home again because of the way they treated their loved ones.

A halfway house is the best option for those dealing with these issues. Most houses have 12-step meetings that take place on the premises. These sober living environments also teach recovering addicts how to live a normal life. They show them how to abide by the rules, but at the same time, make their own decisions.

Emotional Support

Our patients have access to 12 step programs that focus on how to handle emotional pain, how to prevent the risk of relapse and how to handle triggers that might otherwise lead to relapse. Those who work with their family and loved ones and rely on support groups, have a better chance at future success.

Family addiction programs benefit everyone involved at all steps of recovery. Whether you are planning an intervention for your loved one, actively participating in our addiction treatment program or making the preparations to avoid relapse, we can help you. Be one of our success stories. Call Drug Treatment Centers Paterson today at (973) 915-3139.

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