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Addiction is a cruel and complex disease that affects both the addict and their loved ones. Due to this, staging an intervention can be incredibly difficult for both parties involved. Most people do not want to acknowledge that there is a problem. What people do not realize though, is that by avoiding the issue, you are contributing to it. Interventions can serve as motivation for addicts to find treatment and recovery, but they can also be helpful for their friends and family as well.

Drug Treatment Centers Paterson can provide family members with the tools and guidance needed to initiate a successful intervention. Alcohol and/or drug dependence begins in different places for different people. It can stem from co-occurring illnesses, emotional trauma, genetic predisposition or any number of factors. By doing research on the addict’s specific case and working with an addiction specialist, your intervention has the best chance of leading to a success story. Call (973) 915-3139.

What is a Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is when a person suffers from a mental illness that is separate from the diagnosis of addiction. For example, obsessive-compulsive disorder and clinical depression are two illnesses that often lead to alcohol and drug addiction. Trauma can also be the birthplace of addictive behavior patterns. Abuse, family crisis or the death of a loved one are a few things that can affect a person’s relationship to illicit substances. Genetic predisposition can lead several members of the same family to struggle with chemical dependence.

What is Addressed in an Intervention?

One of the things addressed in certain types of intervention and family programs is how these things affect the addict’s family and friends. In some cases, certain loved ones were unable to process grief or express emotions in a healthy way because their life was overtaken by their concern for their loved one.

It is important to evaluate and express the extent to which your loved one’s substance abuse has affected your life. Sorting through the emotional pain caused by watching a loved one suffer from substance dependence is not easy. Neither is letting them take full, unaided responsibility for their decisions, should they decide not to seek addiction treatment and recovery.

How to Continue Support After Intervention

Turning away a loved one when they ask for financial, emotional or any other type of support is often one of the consequences presented at an intervention. Enforcing those consequences can be devastating and incredibly difficult. Telling your loved one “no” when they ask you for help isn’t as simple as it seems.

You love them and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them, but allowing them to hit rock bottom may be the only thing that gets them to realize they need help. Enforcing these consequences also allows you to work on building your life around positive things rather than having your loved one’s substance abuse be the focal point of your decisions.

If you feel that your friend or family member may benefit from an intervention be sure and contact Drug Treatment Centers Paterson. Please call (973) 915-3139 if you need assistance or information.

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