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Years of addiction research studies have shown that, what was once thought to be a disorder, is actually a chronic brain disease. Prescription drug addiction in particular, has raised many questions in this field of research, as it has become a topic of major concern. As new prescription drugs are being developed and doctors are becoming more accessible, it is easier than ever to get your hands on these substances.

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Why are Prescription Drugs So Dangerous?

The added danger in prescription drug addiction, in comparison to street substance abuse, is users falsely believe that these drugs are not harmful since technically, they are legal. The truth is, these medications can be highly addictive, and they are exposed to a much larger population than drugs such as heroin or cocaine. A successful prescription drug addiction treatment program must incorporate many elements of rehabilitation. These include detoxification, group and individualized counseling, relapse prevention, and in severe cases, the use of addiction medications.

Many experts in the field are not sure why prescription drug addiction and abuse is on the rise. Some attribute it to the fact that there is a larger variety of drugs available to more people; they are more easily accessible. Many medical professionals report to writing more prescriptions than ever before, therefore the opportunity for abuse has greatly increased. These prescription drugs include opioids, stimulants and CNS depressors. Online pharmacies make accessing these substances more convenient than ever.

Getting Into Treatment

The earlier you catch you or a loved one going down this dark path, the better your chances are of maintaining sobriety and a successful recovery. While abusing these substances, you may be taking a larger dose than originally prescribed by your doctor, or using these drugs in ways they were not intended for.

For example, if you were prescribed a pain medication to be taken twice a day and you find yourself taking twice that amount, sometimes simply out of boredom, this is abuse. People who are abusing prescription drugs usually call more frequently for refills and/or see multiple doctors to get a variety of different prescriptions.

Fortunately, there are both physical and mental addiction treatment approaches that can help counteract the symptoms of the addiction. In serious cases, additional drugs can be administered to help the patient detox more comfortably. Experienced addiction specialists monitor the addict around the clock to ensure this does not develop into another dangerous addiction. Once the detoxification process is complete, group and individualized counseling sessions make up a large part of the patients unique recovery program.

Behavioral Treatments

Behavioral treatments teach patients valuable strategies for functioning without drugs, such as how to avoid cravings, avoid relapse triggers and assimilate back into society. This helps improve their relationships and be a productive member of the community. Although a behavioral approach to treatment can be sufficient enough for some addicts, each case is unique. The staff here at Drug Treatment Centers Paterson is happy to provide patients with the individualized approach they desperately need.

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